Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Many Causes of the Opioid Epidemic

Many Causes of the Opioid Epidemic

The inexperienced docs

patient lack of monitoring, 

policies that make it easy for docs to stay away from pain patients (if not threaten them), 

lack of foresight in cutting off patients from their pain meds, 

recognition that there will be some % of failure just like surgeries and other treatment, 

let's credit drug companies with developing these drugs and not blame them for treatment outside their control.

It's inexperienced providers or providers who do not properly follow their patients

It's patients who do not correctly follow instructions or deliberately violate their doctor's orders

It's regulatory guidelines that providers are forced to follow both local and Federal  

It's provider or practice policy that just makes it easier not to deal with narcotics or pain management patients

It's worry that providers will be singled out and their licenses suspended

It's disregard for patients that are truly candidates for pain meds due to chronic pain

It's irresponsible to cut off patients who have relied on these pain meds for sometimes years without safeguards in place

It's knowing there will be a 20% failure rate much like surgery and other medical procedures/programs yet still considered as treatment option

It's knowing that the senior population who may need these medications the most will largely suffer in silence

It's knowing that these policies are in fact turning a curable opioid crisis into an incurable heroin crisis

It's knowing that proper drug monitoring can be a successful tool that has not been widely utilized until now

It's drawing a clear line between pain medication management and addiction medicine treatment

It's asking where are the drug companies in all this who are losing millions of dollars while shouldering the blame

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